How to Truly Fight the System in 2020

By AAwosika07 | Culture

Jun 18

‘Fight the system’ is the soup du jour, except most people, are doing it wrong. They’re fighting for symbolic victories over real victories. They’re aiming for unrealistic outcomes.

In doing what the power structures want them to do, they’re actually further propping up the system they say they’re fighting. It’s quite interesting to watch, honestly. And some people wouldn’t understand me if I explained it to them in-depth. Sad.

My business coach said something interesting to me the other day. She said, “You’re fighting against the system and rebelling by becoming conventionally successful, but in your own way.” Yes.

Winning, in a world full of losers, is counter-cultural these days. Sad thing is, I don’t think people are inherently losers, but they’ve developed a real aversion to winning.

It’s en vogue to be aimless, nihilistic, apathetic, and a beggar to the institutions of society.

Don’t believe me?

Go have conversations with people in 2020 and say out loud that you’re just going to focus on your own life, help others where you can in narrow pockets, and mostly keep to yourself. You will be chastised for it.

Hell, I’ve seen people post on social media that they are unfriending people who they don’t see engaging in performative social justice. I saw an Instagram story that said failing to post about injustice on social media is racist.

This is where we’re at. People are giving up on the idea of self-confidence altogether. The lack of purpose, combined with economic problems, combined with true instances of tragedy, has created this molotov cocktail of unrest. And the world will figuratively and literally burn for a while.

What should you do, though?

I won’t tell you what to do, but I’ll tell you what I’m doing, I’m fighting the system by removing its power from my life altogether and helping others do the same.

Adopt a Rebellious Disposition

These days, if you’re not mentally exhausted, outraged, sad, depressed, and victimized, you’re not part of the in-group. See, in order to care about the ills of society, you also have to ruin your life and be a non-productive human being.

People see this as rebellion, but it’s not. Why? Because rebellion involves things the powers that be don’t want you to do. The powers that be want you to bathe in negativity because it distracts you from what they’re doing. They use your fear to pander to you.

Also, fear prevents the collective awakening of society. If we all realized that optimism and self-reliance were the answer and just worked with each other, the system would collapse.

Since that won’t happen, have your own personal rebellion against the apathy and nihilistic trend of today’s society. Decide that you’re not going to play the outrage game at all. Instead of trying to fight the system, circumvent the system altogether, focus on yourself, and be bullish about your life as an individual.

Regardless of what side you’re on, you’re not going to get what you want collectively, trust me. This is all going to end in an ‘eye for an eye makes everyone blind’ sort of way. So I’m riding it out and waiting to see what rises from the ashes of society.

In the meantime, I’m still reading and writing daily, exercising, making plans for the future, creating projects, book ideas, content of all forms.

Eventually, the dust will settle and the pessimists will realize how much time they wasted. Either that or they’ll be stuck in a permanent state of pessimism.

While everyone else is catching up, you can be well ahead of the pack because you didn’t let the state of the world dictate how you felt about yourself and your future prospects.

Why shouldn’t you be optimistic about your life on a personal level? There’s never been more opportunity before, especially now because everyone else is distracted by the outrage Olympics.

I’ve already had a few members of the woke-police chastise me for telling people to focus on their mission above all else. Let’s see where they end up, individually and collectively, versus where I and the people who decide to listen to me end up in a few years.

Adopt a Rebellious Attitude About Your Circumstances

Guess what? Two things can be true at the same time.

You can be disadvantaged and take responsibility for your life at the same time. Deep down, people know this. On the one hand, there’s a hunger for handouts. But on the other hand, people have a desire for truth, boundaries, and personal responsibility.

You want to be self-sufficient. Yes, you want to feel like you’re on a somewhat level playing field, but that leveling can only go so far. The playing field will never be level for various reasons:

  • DNA – Some people are brainiacs, some people are 6 foot 9 and can jump 45 inches in the air, some good with their hands, some street smart. You can’t legislate talent and aptitude. You have to be you, natural gifts and deficiencies combined. Own it. If you max yourself out, you’ll live a pretty damn good life.
  • Starting point – Your starting point matters. Both my parents were in my life, both educated, both middle class. But it’s not the end all be all. There are people who squander their starting point and people who thrive in spite of it. You can only choose what to do next after the race starts.
  • Pure luck – Life is much more random than you think it is. This is good and bad news. Good news – failure isn’t always your fault and you’ll benefit from luck at times. Bad news – you can do things right and still fail. Can’t legislate luck either.

The equality conversation has gone off the rails and it’s not headed anywhere good. The intentions are good, but, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Society will continue to trend this way, attempting to legislate a complex system, and they’ll cause more problems than they solve.

You can be a rebel simply by owning your own life. Seriously, some people consider my worldview controversial in 2020. So be it. The way I see it, life’s too short to wait for utopia. And while it looks cool on the surface to be down with the socialization of life itself, it rots your soul.

These people, these unrealistic purveyors of equity, are sick. Their lives will not turn out well. The vast majority of society is walking lockstep in this direction, which is always a bad sign.

Join the milquetoast counter-culture of basic personal responsibility before it’s too late.

Fight The One Percent With This Counterintuitive Strategy

We could build the real revolution we need if each individual, one at a time, learned to create wealth for themselves and escape traditional employment.

If we all set up shop, traded with each other, and stopped buying from the oligarchs, we’d affect real change. Nothing in this world talks like money.

When you have money, you can deploy those resources to useful ends. If you’re not dependent on the system, the system loses its power over you. We make the mistake of thinking the system needs to pour more resources in to fix this problem. Safety nets? Yes. Total government reliance? No.

The elites truly care about wealth and ownership.

They’re content to let you have a little bit of money, but not too much, and definitely not ownership over your life. They want the bank to own your home instead of you owning rental properties that pay you. They want you to have a car note instead of luxuries you purchase from assets. On the whole, they want us focused on social problems because it keeps our eyes off the economic problems.

I saw a tweet that said:

“All the problems you think are social problems are economic problems with social consequences.”

This is exactly correct. The real problem with the 99 percent. We don’t own anything. We don’t have real assets. Instead, we live lives of indentured servitude, fall prey to consumerism, and believe in the dogma that politicians move the needle in society.

No, commerce does.

I’m convinced a rich person came up with the phrase “eat the rich.” Rich people want you to hate them. Why? Because if you hate them, you’ll never be like them.

If you want to rebel against the one percent, study their moves and become one of them yourself. Enough of us do that and the inequality shrinks.

Let me tell you, from the limited understanding I have about business – LLCs, tax structures, business loans, credit – I know there’s a cheat code to life sitting right in front of you.

There’s a reason why pundits never talk about economic empowerment and fueling entrepreneurship. They need you on the tit. Get off. Be free.

Why Ignorance is the Best Revenge

The true rebellion is the understanding that our imaginations feed the system.

We participate in upholding the system by believing it has so much power. If we all collectively let go of the victimhood narratives, true or not, and made a concerted effort to work on ourselves, we’d close many of the gaps in society.

Think about it. What’s the best form of revenge in life? Winning combined with total ignorance of your haters. Your haters want you to engage with them. When you don’t, and you just win right in their face it infuriates them. This is what we could do as a society, turn our backs to the institutions and win.

But, again, that won’t happen.

So what are you going to do?

Think carefully about this. Who are you really fighting for or against? Look at who benefits from your actions. Are you fighting the system or doing what the system wants you to do?

Let me tell you what’ll happen next. The election will occur and regardless of who wins, your life will more or less stay the same, except for your psychological perception of it. The fighting between sides will just get worse, things will heat up every four years, wash, rinse, and repeat.

The freedom fighters will have no real measurable gains because elites give you the wins they want you to have, not the ones that really matter.

As time moves forward, personal responsibility, self-improvement, moral values, etc, will continue to become counter-cultural, as weird as that sounds. But the ones in the counter culture will win.

Maybe we will form our own society away from all the crazy people. Maybe we will have to join Mars with Elon.

What I do know is, I’m staying as far away from the crazy outrage brigade as I possibly can.


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