Jan 31

Don’t Chase Money, Follow Your Curiosity Instead

By AAwosika07 | Purpose

“Following your genuine intellectual curiosity is a better foundation for a career than following whatever is making money right now. – Naval Ravikant The definition of the word career has radically shifted. In 2023, you can build a custom career based on the things you find interesting. Your curiosity might lead to a modest living or a multi-million dollar […]

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Aug 01

You Only Want the Wanting

By AAwosika07 | Philosophy

“Life is a series of failures punctuated by brief successes” – James Altucher There I was, standing in front of 1,000 people, roaring applause drowning out the sound of my thoughts, coupled with the literal sound of my heart beating with so much percussion it felt like it was trying to leap out of my chest. I’d […]

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Jul 31

We’re All Religious

By AAwosika07 | Philosophy

Every human is religious, especially those who don’t believe in traditional religion. A good chunk of you is chomping at the bit to tell me how wrong I am, which proves my point. Your visceral reaction to my initial statement is a tell. It tells me you have deep-seated, religious, beliefs. You get triggered when […]

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Jul 12

How to Not Give a Fuck

By AAwosika07 | life lessons

Some articles teach you how to not give a fuck. I’ll do that, plus I’ll tell you exactly what to not give a fuck about. People giving a fuck is the main reason why we’re so stuck as a society. There’s just so much repressed energy. I’ve often talked about this passive-aggressive odorless cultural gas […]

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