Apr 09

How to Stop Hating Yourself

By AAwosika07 | happiness

If we were all being honest, we’d admit we hate ourselves sometimes. We hate the parts of ourselves that we don’t tell anyone else about. We hate our shadow. Even for people who often feel good about themselves, you can’t avoid hating yourself at least some of the time at least a teeny tiny bit. […]

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Jan 21

Keep Your Mouth Shut, and Do the Work

By AAwosika07 | Uncategorized

Future notorious gangster Henry Hill walks out of the courtroom. He’s greeted by Jimmy Conway, also a notorious gangster. Henry is surprised to see Jimmy smiling. He’d been pinched — arrested for a crime and questioned by the police — after being caught illegally selling cigarettes from the back of a truck. Having, in his mind, […]

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Jan 04

How to Stop Lying to Yourself

By AAwosika07 | Philosophy

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest person to fool.” – Richard Feynman You know what I love about books and blog posts? They give you a rare opportunity. What opportunity, you ask? The opportunity to be honest with yourself. See, it’s hard, to be honest with yourself in most other situations. Hell, […]

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