Oct 19

The Secret Behind the Morning Routine I Used to Write Two Books, Triple my Income, and Skyrocket My Productivity

By AAwosika07 | Purpose

Successful entreprenuers Arianna Huffington, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates all have a morning routine. But having a morning routine will not turn you into Arianna Huffington, Mark Zuckerberg, or Bill Gates. Many try to copy the habits of successful people to become them, and it doesn’t work. Habits and routines are a means to an […]

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Aug 26

How to be Your Own Guru

By AAwosika07 | Uncategorized

For as long as you’ve been alive, people have been trying to tell you how to live. It started when you were a baby. Don’t touch that! Sit still. Behave. As you moved on through adolescence you learned more rules. Play nice. Raise your hand. Study hard. Get good grades. Then, during the most impressionable […]

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